Social media for the boss

Social Media Training is essential for staying up to date with the fast-moving world of digital communication. Don’t leave Twitter to the interns because you’re embarrassed that you don’t know what to do, invest in some training and bring yourself and your colleagues up to speed.

Why is social media training so important? So you’re successful. You’ve made it – achieved your goals and enjoyed the fruits of your labours over the years. You’ve worked hard at ensuring your drive and energy has kept everyone else motivated and the business has gone from strength to strength.

But have you managed to keep abreast of the tsunami of the digital age? Do you know your updates from your insights and could you really hold your own on the subject of Twitter?

Social Media training is essential for senior executives to stay in touch with the younger end of the business spectrum. The new kid on the block will soon be nipping at your heels and although you may recognise the importance of social media, you really have to look at it strategically to see how it will impact on your business.

Mosaic’s Social Media training can bring you up to speed with the whole social networking phenomenon, and will ensure you feel more confident about your organisational interaction with the various platforms of social media.

If you traditionally leave social media to the interns, you are undervaluing it’s potential massively, and could actually be harming your company’s online reputation.

Karen Ainley, CEO of Mosaic Publicity, an award winning PR and Marketing agency based in Essex underlined the need for proper strategic training. ‘Social media is here to stay and your presence on whichever platform you choose is a reflection of your organisation. You have to think strategically and brief your key comms staff as to what personality your social media should have. Whether you keep it business like and matter of fact, or whether you seek to talk to people on their level, consistency is the key and training is essential’.

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