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Social media for customer services

The power of social media platforms is being recognised way beyond a mere status update or throwaway tweet. Discover how you can utilise social media to provide fast, helpful customer services which provide endless happy endings to customer service issues.

Facebook and Twitter are powerful platforms for any organisation, and more and more businesses are recognising their potential way beyond the ‘status update’ or ‘price of coffee’ tweet.

Social media is to be found in most marketing strategies these days but it’s use is not confined solely to pulling in more punters. Keeping those that you already have well informed and addressing their concerns is where social media really comes into it’s own.

Social Media for customer services is a real growth area due to the speed at which disputes can be settled and information imparted.

When bad weather struck in England in the summer this year, both the Great Yorkshire Show and the Suffolk Show announced their decisions to cancel via Twitter, and dealt with the ensuing customer services issues through social media too.

Proper Social Media for Customer Services Training is essential before embarking on such an open approach though. ?You need to ensure that all your staff are fully trained in all the various do’s and don’ts, your company policy, where rules can be stretched and what the ultimate strategy of your customer relations service is.

In hospitality and other service industries, social media is routinely monitored by big organisations to ensure that they deal with any negative comments in a proactive manner. One traveller posted that he had been given a substandard room at a Marriot resort in Orlando and was immediately offered an upgrade. Whilst you might think that this kind of action may well instigate negativity from someone just hoping for a better deal, the hotels and their staff have had the correct training to be able to tell the chancer from the genuinely cheesed off.

Here in the UK, large organisations such as UK Power Networks and BT handle their customer services through Twitter, and enjoy the new open relationship with their clientele.

BT’s Kina Kara said: ‘Social media enables BT Retail to be more proactive than ever before in helping to resolve problems. We can spot an issue, contact the customer and resolve it before it becomes an even bigger issue for the customer and BT.

‘In many cases, an even better relationship with the customer is formed because of their surprise and delight at the way we have ‘dived in’ and resolved an issue with relatively little action on behalf of the customer.’

Mosaic Media Training’s Karen Ainley agrees. ‘We have successfully trained several large UK organisations how to handle their customer services through different social media platforms, and the feedback we receive is extremely positive. This is definitely the way forward for any business wishing to present a more hands-on human approach to handling customer relations.’

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