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Should my nursery be on social media?

When the key people in your nursery are not old enough to even use social media, you may wonder why it is so important for you to have a presence on the likes of Facebook and Instagram? Our Social Media for Nurseries Training course will explain why and show you how.

Nurseries are a community; therefore communication, collaboration and understanding are key. Social media allows for all three of these values to be upheld in a transparent environment, where the main objective and primary priority is the same for all!

Why social media is important for collaboration

Nursery staff, parents and carers all have a common interest and care in one thing, the children.

Social media for nurseries is the perfect way to bring groups together surrounding this common interest and to reach out to others. You can share stories, photos, videos, events and other moments that involve the community.

How social media can help communication

Alongside this, it is also an effective way to target newcomers and market your nursery; Facebook is like a catalogue of potential clients, from local community groups in your area, to mum groups, to local working parents’ group. Facebook has a group page for everything, and by joining these you can widen your reach.

Facebook also allows you to target your adverts to individuals, detailed by demographics, geography, socio-economic backgrounds and interest areas. You can build a presence with those who may have not known about you previously.

Using social media to raise awareness

But most importantly, the likes of Facebook and Instagram allow for a deeper form of awareness of the wants and needs of those in the community. Question posts, polls, and comments all make it easier to share information and insight.

By creating a space for all members of the community to come together, everyone will feel much more connected and acknowledged.

Any issues or miscommunication can be resolved more quickly and support given. Plus you need to know how to manage any negative comments.

Social media for nurseries should be at the forefront of your nursery’s vision and, because of this, your name will stay at the forefront of your community’s mind.

If you’ve found this blog useful but don’t know where to start with social media for nurseries, we have numerous courses that can help you – and we tailor them to meet your needs, if you prefer to combine a few courses together.

See our courses for the Education Sector, which includes our Digital Marketing Strategy Training, Social Media Training, and Smartphone Video Training, plus more.

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