Transport sector

Through our experience of providing media training to many leading transport organisations, we understand the types of issues that face the UK transport industry.

Suggested courses

  • Crisis Communications Training

    Logistics, passenger transport, safety. Crisis management training is crucial to ensure your key staff know what to say when things go awry. Mosaic’s transport sector-specific scenarios will place your spokespeople at the centre of the drama and enable them to learn the skills needed to confidently steer themselves away from danger.

  • Broadcast Skills: TV & Radio Interview Training

    Don't treat the media as your enemy, learn the skills to get them on board and turn media interviews into an opportunity rather than a headache. Mosaic has successfully prepared many CEOs and senior level staff throughout the transport industry with relevant television and radio skills training.

  • Print & Radio Interview Skills Training

    Similar to broadcast skills, but focusing on press and radio interviews, this course has enabled high level executives in the transport and logistics industry to raise their media profile and feel less intimidated by media interviews instead using them as a positive opportunity to broadcast key messages.

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