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We have extensive experience of providing media and marketing training with some of the biggest names in the UK energy and utilities sector.

Media Training energy sector

Suggested courses

  • Social media training

    Mosaic helped UK Power Networks implement their social media for customer services policy and delivered staff training. Discover how you can utilise the power and immediacy of social networking sites to deliver information to your customers and achieve better communication.

  • Crisis Communications Training

    The ability to remain calm and communicate appropriate messaging in a crisis is crucial. Our crisis management training uses energy specific scenarios throughout the training and will assess how capable your spokespeople would be when the heat is on.

  • Broadcast Skills: TV & Radio Interview Training

    Mosaic has trained Chief Executives, Directors and company spokespeople at EDF Nuclear Power and enhanced their confidence in delivering media interviews, and handling themselves under pressure.

  • Print & Radio Interview Skills Training

    Similar to broadcast skills, but focusing on press and radio interviews, this course has enabled high level executives from many leading energy companies raise their media profile and make the most of every media opportunity.

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  • Hannah Cheshire

    Great team building exercise and very interesting, I like that we were encouraged to practice and try and produce something individual and then come together as a team to discuss.

  • Kate Belfast

    I found this training exceptionally helpful. I have been doing social media for five years now and I still got a lot from this course. The trainer was very friendly and approachable, the course wasn't too big which meant you got to ask questions more freely which was very helpful.

  • Chloe Cambridge

    Great facilitation, thorough and personable. Would thoroughly recommend this course.

  • Alex Cambridge

    All killer and no filler!

  • Anella Bangor

    Fantastic course, very informative without being complicated. Whether you are after a refresher or completely new to smartphone filming and editing. This course is for everyone.