For over 17 years Mosaic has been delivering media training to local authorities across the UK. We have extensive experience in the workings of local government and this enables us to adapt our training to your specific needs.

Suggested courses

Social Media

We have a social media training course designed specifically for local authorities, to help councillors harness the power of social media and engage with the public openly and confidently. Not only does the training focus on using online channels to enhance and maintain reputation, it also explores the legalities and policies that councillors must follow to ensure success.

Crisis management

Certainly no-one understands the power of the media more than local government. Ensure your key communications staff and members are fully trained in how to interact with the media during a crisis and you can avert a full-scale communications disaster. Mosaic’s crisis management training uses local government specific scenarios and will assess how capable your spokespeople would be when a crisis hits.

Broadcast skills

Mosaic has successfully prepared many councillors, leaders, chief executives and senior officers for media involvement. Ensure your organisation is reflected well with a polished performance.

Press & radio skills

Similar to broadcast skills, but focusing on press and radio interviews, this course has enabled high level executives from many leading local authorities raise their media profile and be less intimidated by the media at large.


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We can then tailor this course to suit your exact needs.

Mosaic’s training has been invaluable in coaching staff and politicians to front media stories by preparing key messages, boosting confidence and giving much-needed on-camera practice.

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