Hotels, leisure & tourism training. Whether you have a well-established team who need a bit of a refresher or are a new company wishing to formulate a media strategy, the following training will help you.

Suggested courses

Social Media

A social media strategy is of vital importance in the hospitality sector, where so much emphasis is placed on what your customers are saying about you. Ensure you capitalise on the power of social media with professional training for all your key staff, whether you intend to use the platforms for customer services or marketing.

Smartphone video production

Video is an important marketing medium for the hotel and leisure industry. Entice customers with stunning shots, clips of satisfied customers or use video to regularly broadcast to your employees. All possible in the palm of your hand with an iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

Crisis management

The wrong message sent out in a time of crisis can leave a lasting impression. Having a crisis plan and training your key staff in managing a crisis is crucial to maintain your reputation.

Broadcast skills

Mosaic has successfully prepared executives and spokespeople from many of the UK’s leading names in hospitality for appearances in the media on TV and radio.

Press & radio skills

This course has enabled many leading hotel, leisure and tourism organisations to raise their media profile in the press and on radio.

Press release writing

Delivered by trained journalists, this course will help communications staff write professional and engaging news releases for inclusion on newspaper websites and in print.


Learn how to communicate with your audience using concise copy that fits in with the ‘voice’ of your brand, to help  increase sales.

Marketing Strategy

Does your organisation have a marketing strategy? Do you know how the various elements of marketing all interconnect? Does your brand say what it needs to? Integrated marketing training is essential in establishing an overview of the ways in which we communicate via a number of channels.


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