Executive Media Training

It’s never been more important for your senior staff to be confident in front of the media and aware of your organisation’s digital profile. Our Media Training for Executives is designed for senior managers, communications leaders and board members and will focus on their exact needs.

Executive media training

Suggested courses

  • Executive Training

    This training is ideal for executive teams or individuals, senior managers or board members. Every course is tailored to your needs and those of your organisation.

  • Social media training

    Your presence and your profile on social media can hugely benefit your organisation. Working alongside your social media strategy our executive training will ensure you make the most of every opportunity.

  • Crisis Communications Training

    As a senior leader you will inevitably be called to contribute to your organisation’s crisis communications response. Whether you’re taking the lead, being the key spokesperson or fronting a press conference, our training will increase your confidence at that crucial time.

  • Media Skills and Interview Training

    As a senior leader, you’ll be wanting to make the most of every PR opportunity and deliver a positive message in both pro-active and re-active situations. Mosaic has successfully prepared many managing directors, heads of communications and senior level executives for media interaction and we can do the same for you.

  • Zoom Training

    Businesses and organisations large and small are increasingly moving to video conferencing for internal and external meetings. Learn how to manage and participate effectively and use interactive techniques to ensure delegates stay engaged throughout.

  • Media Awareness Training

    This course is ideal for executives or board members working with multi-functional marketing staff. Our media awareness training provides a complete overview of the media machine, how it works and how to use it to your marketing advantage.

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We will tailor courses to suit your exact needs.

  • We have worked with clients including:
  • Unit Birwelco
  • Hannah Cheshire

    Great team building exercise and very interesting, I like that we were encouraged to practice and try and produce something individual and then come together as a team to discuss.

  • Chloe Cambridge

    Great facilitation, thorough and personable. Would thoroughly recommend this course.

  • Charlotte London

    The trainers were upbeat and engaging. They were helpful and knowledgeable, while also making it feel like it was OK to give it a try and learn how to improve!

  • Kerri London

    The training was extremely relevant to our organisation and not just general media training, so everything was a point we could learn from. The trainer showed a great knowledge of the media and I knew I could trust her judgement