Education sector

Mosaic has always been first choice of media training provider for many leading names in the education sector. We have successfully delivered media training to staff in children’s nurseries, schools and universities.

Suggested courses

  • Social media training

    Ensure all your staff are on message when using social networking sites. A social media strategy is important in large organisations, whether you are using it as a framework for parent / student services or marketing.

  • Social media training

    Our social media workshops aimed at students help them to understand the power of social media and the influence it can have over business and employment. We also train a number of university Student Unions to help them engage students using social media channels.

  • Podcast Training

    Utilise the power of the podcast with our hands-on training. Podcasting is an ideal medium being used by schools, colleges and by academics to provide audio bite-size learning, share their research, broadcast student achievements and promote their organisations.

  • Smartphone & iPad Video Skills

    Connecting virtually has never been more important, whether it’s reassuring parents of the systems in place at nurseries or providing engaging video content for lessons at school, college or university. Learn how you can create professional video content using just your smartphone.

  • Crisis Communications Training

    Crucial to the education sector is the ability to remain calm in a crisis. Mosaic’s crisis communications training uses education specific scenarios throughout the training and will assess how capable your spokespeople would be when a crisis hits.

  • Broadcast Skills: TV & Radio Interview Training

    Mosaic has successfully prepared many Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Principals and Headteachers for appearances in the media.

  • Print & Radio Interview Skills Training

    Focusing on press and radio interviews, this course has enabled high level executives from many leading educational organisations raise their media profile and be less intimidated by the media at large.

  • Zoom Training

    Learn how to host, manage or participate in a one-to-one meeting or video conference. Discover the technologies and the soft skills you can use to keep your delegates engaged.

  • Media Awareness Training

    Ideal for organisations where staff have a variety of roles, this course gives a complete overview of the media machine, how it works and how you can use it advantageously.

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