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Our experience in delivering media training to staff in nursing homes, assisted living centres and care homes, mean that we understand the nuances of the social care sector and how to help your staff achieve excellence.

Suggested courses

Social Media

Ensure all your staff remain on message when using social networking sites. ?A social media strategy is important in any organisation, whether you are using your online platforms for marketing, staff recruitment or family/customer communcations

Smartphone video

Adding video to your website is an excellent way of sharing information either with colleagues, employees or prospective customers. Using just your phone, we’ll show you how to bring your marketing to life.

Crisis communications

The ability to remain calm in a crisis is crucial when maintaining the reputation of an organisation. Our crisis management training uses care-specific scenarios and will assess how capable your spokespeople would be when a crisis hits. Get your staff prepared and equipped with the skills to handle the media in a crisis.

Broadcast skills

Mosaic has successfully prepared many CEOs, board members, communication executives and company spokespeople for appearances on radio & TV. Help raise your organisation?s profile with professional media interview training.

Press & radio skills

This course has given high level executives from many leading care organisations the confidence to take on press and radio interviews and raise the profile of their company.

Press release writing

Ensure your communications staff have the skills to write engaging press releases that achieve media coverage in print and online. Delivered by trained journalists who know the tricks of the trade.


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We can then tailor this course to suit your exact needs.

Mosaic promised quality based on vast experience, and they delivered. We asked Mosaic to tailor media interview training for our senior leaders and they planned and ran the days to universally positive feedback. I watched both our best and least experienced spokespeople grow in confidence and tactical sophistication during a few hours. Mosaic's print, radio and TV trainers have years of journalistic experience and they were rigorous but gave justified confidence to our colleagues. Mosaic's team were very engaging, energetic and intelligent - I've seen similar training several times before, but not to this standard!

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