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Media and marketing training is essential for any organisation and offers a unique insight into many areas which will support your business success.

Business sector

Suggested courses

  • Social media training

    Ensure all your staff remain on message when using social networking sites. A social media strategy is imperative when you need to build and invest in your customer base. Whether you are using a platform for customer services or marketing, you need a presence to communicate with your audiences online.

  • Podcast Training

    Utilise the power of the podcast with our hands-on training. Podcasting is an ideal medium being used by businesses to communicate key messages to employees and customers, plus promote products and services.

  • Smartphone & iPad Video Skills

    Learn how to create your own video using just your phone. A hugely successful marketing tool which will bring your social media and website to life. Get ahead of your competition with our one day course.

  • Crisis Communications Training

    Turning a negative situation into a positive opportunity takes skill. Our crisis management course addresses all issues you are likely to encounter should a crisis hit and how to handle them.

  • Broadcast Skills: TV & Radio Interview Training

    Businesses cannot afford to shy away from the media – instead know how to identify PR opportunities and deliver a positive message in both pro-active and re-active situations. Mosaic has successfully prepared many managing directors, heads of communications and senior level executives for media interaction and can do the same for your business.

  • Print & Radio Interview Skills Training

    Similar to broadcast skills, but focusing on press and radio interviews, this course has enabled many high level executives capitalise on media involvement and raise their company's media profile.

  • Press Release Writing Training

    The power of the written word speaks volumes for your organisation both online and in print. Ensure your marketing and communications staff have the best training, delivered by experienced ex-BBC journalists.

  • Zoom Training

    Businesses and organisations large and small are increasingly moving to video conferencing for internal and external meetings. Learn how to manage and participate effectively and use interactive techniques to ensure delegates stay engaged throughout.

  • Media Awareness Training

    This course is ideal for all companies which have multi-functional marketing staff. Our media awareness training provides a complete overview of the media machine, how it works and how to use it to your marketing advantage.

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