School and universities report increased intake due to social media

School and universities report increased intake due to social media

Social media training is one of our most popular courses here at Mosaic Media Training. Whether you are a small business or a large organisation, you can’t afford to ignore the impact of social media. Educational establishments are recognising the power social networking sites can have on their student recruitment, as recent research shows.

Social media training for schools and colleges is here to stay. Social media is being applied to all areas of business, and the education sector is no exception.

A recent report published in America of education establishments showed that 1 in 3 schools say that social media is a more effective tool in recruiting new students, over and above newspaper, television, radio and printing.

The report detailed that US colleges and Universities are using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and downloadable mobile apps to recruit their student body.?The research, from a study conducted by the Society for New Communications Research at the University of Massachusetts studied accredited colleges in the US and examined how the use of social media tools impacted their budgets, and how their investment in social media would look in the year ahead.

Key findings of the report were :

  • 92% of undergraduate admissions officers agreed that social media is worth the investment they make in it and 86% plan to increase their investment in social media in the next year
  • One in 3 schools say social media is more efficient than traditional media in reaching their target audience (this number increased to 44% for top MBA programmes)
  • Reduced costs for traditional media are attributed to use of social media. Schools reported 33% less on printing, 24% less on newspaper ads and 17% less on radion and TV ads
  • The most useful tools for recruiting undergraduates included Facebook (94%), YouTube (81%), Twitter (69%) and Downloadable Mobile Apps (51%). Mobile apps were a favourite of top MBA programmes with 82% citing them as an effective recruiting tool
  • 78% schools surveyed that social media tools have changed the way they recruit

Curiously, although more than 9 out of 10 admissions officers highlighted the importance of social media, less than half of schools (49%) had any written social media policy in place, though this is showing an increase year on year (up from 32% 2009-2010 academic year).

Mosaic Media Training’s social media course offers an overview to anyone wishing to get started and harness the power of social media for their own/organisation’s benefit.

More and more educational establishments in the UK are recognising the role social media plays in the running of their organisations, from student recruitment to information dissemination.

Mosaic Media Training have provided training to various educational establishments, including The University of Essex who have been using social media to interact with potential and existing students for a number of years now. The university also broadcast podcasts regularly through its YouTube channel on a variety of different subjects, including course overviews and updates.

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