Master the art of audio with Mosaic’s new online podcast training

Mosaic has launched a new online podcast training course to help you professionally record, edit and master the art of creating great audio that will excite your audience.

The Five Ps to the Perfect Podcast, which has been delivered face-to-face by Mosaic’s lead trainer Karen Ainley for 15 years, is now available as a facilitated full-day session via Zoom, covering everything you need to know about podcasting, step-by-step.

Delegates will be taken through the Five Ps – Planning, People, Production, Posting and Promoting, and given the opportunity to record audio using everyday equipment, before editing and producing using Audacity.

This practical, interactive session includes group chats, audio examples, training videos, polls and a quiz to test what you’ve learnt at the end.

Karen is joined by former BBC Radio colleague Ruth Collin and together they will offer you plenty of feedback, to ensure you’re on the right track. It will feel like the trainers are in the room with you. Plus they will help you take a strategic look at podcasting, to help you understand what you want to achieve from your podcast.

Responding to the demand for online training

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced organisations to rethink their staff training and to identify new services and support they can offer their clients and customers at this very challenging time.

Podcasting fits the bill perfectly, helping people to gain new skills which they can continue to use once the crisis is over, whether creating audio for others or delivering presentations to a wider audience.

It is also increasing in popularity as a past-time, with more than 7 million Brits listening to podcasts every week, according to Ofcom’s Media Nations 2019 report. That’s a jump of 24% since 2018 and has more than doubled over the past five years.

The popularity comes from the growing demand for downloadable, on-the-go information, anywhere in the world, combined with the rise of speech recognition devices such as Alexa and Google Home.

Take a look at some of the professional techniques our course covers in depth.

Choosing your recording equipment

If you’re not sure where to start, Mosaic can recommend industry-standard microphones and recorders if you have the budget, or we can help you set up your smartphone or computer to record. We’ll cover the different kind of audio formats that you’ll record in, including MP3, M4A and WAV formats. Plus we will teach you all about microphone techniques and give you lots of information about how to record interviews, both in terms of software and style. We’ll also get you thinking about where you’ll be recording – with all the challenges that come with being at home, in an office or out on location.

Deciding what to record

You need to have something to say, so we’ll talk to you about your strategy to tease out great content. Who will host your podcast, who will be interviewed, what will they say – and what does the audience want to hear? Don’t forget to scope the content with your interviewees before you start. You might even want to add a jingle or two!

Editing and saving your audio

The perfect recording can be ruined by bad editing, so you’ll be using free Audacity and FFmpeg software to edit your snappy dialogue that will keep those listeners hooked. We’ll take you through this – and then it’s over to you!

Mosaic will help you to seamlessly cut unwanted pauses and stutters, resulting in an engaging podcast that will then be heard far and wide.

Uploading and promoting

Many people aren’t sure where to host their podcasts or how to embed them back into their websites. We’ll cover all that too. Plus there’s no point in having a podcast if nobody know about it, so we’ll cover the promotion side, as well as how to make money from your podcast through sponsorship or including adverts.

There’s so much to learn – and lots to discuss. So please contact Mosaic now to get started.

Call 01206 841933 or send us an email to discuss your goals.

We will tailor courses to suit your exact needs.