Investing in training

Investing in training

Training your staff is an important way of expressing your appreciation. Don’t view your learning and development budget as a one way street, but realise that your return on investment will pay dividends if you show your staff you value them enough to spend money on them. Media training is no different, it’s about recognising the potential in your employees.

A very common hurdle media training providers have to get over is the ‘what if they leave’ mentality of, shall we say, less forward-thinking bosses.

Yes, you could invest a lot of time, energy and money media training your employees and senior officers, and they could leave you (statistics show they are much less likely to however). But worse still, if you don’t train them, they could stay. Training is a necessary investment to ensure your staff are reaching their potential and not only says to your employees ‘I value you’, but also ‘I want you to be the best you can’.

Undoubtedly, some employers have trained people who have then gone on to career success elsewhere, but many more stay either in post or within the organisation as they reportedly feel much more a part of the organisation rather than merely a cog in a big wheel.

In the words of Richard Branson ‘A company should genuinely be a family, who achieve together, grow together and laugh together’. Branson, along with most successful businessman is a firm believer in training.

Show your employees you value them and that you recognise their potential by investing in training, and it won’t be long before your return on investment pays dividends.

Karen Ainley, CEO of Mosaic Media Training thinks that no company is too small to begin a staff training programme. ‘Here at Mosaic we run the Mosaic Academy which is a programme of learning and development aimed at ensuring all staff recognise the importance of undertaking training. We then encourage staff to share their training experiences so that the whole team gets a better understanding of each others roles within the company. Training can also come with an incentive.

‘We incentivise our scheme by offering paid days off when certain levels of training and development have been achieved, which keeps staff motivated about finding time to fit the training into their already busy schedules’.

Don’t dismiss training as superfluous or unnecessary – today’s employees are tomorrow’s managers, and as such they are the very future of your business.

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