Improve your presentation and interview skills for hybrid meetings, events, webinars, exhibitions and conferences

If you’ve been asked to present to an audience, whether face to face, online or a combination of the two known as hybrid, it can be really daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before.

The way in which we communicate with people in front of us is very different to the way in which we connect with those online such as through Zoom, Teams or a hybrid event platform.

For a start, you can feel the energy when you’re making eye contact with and smiling at a room full of people – which is completely different to staring at a screen full of faces!

Plus it’s more tiring for those online. If you’ve ever looked at a screen for a full day, even if there are a variety of topics and presenters, you can quickly get Zoomed out.

Things aren’t likely to change any time soon. We’ve now got used to working from home part-time and this flexible approach is here to stay, according to the Microsoft 2021 Work Travel Index.

This study of more than 30,000 people in 31 countries found that seven out of 10 people wanted flexible, remote work options and hybrid work will define the post-pandemic workplace.

However, there’s a real concern that “When you lose connections, you stop innovating,” which is why any meetings or presentations delivered online need to be the best they can be, with proper investment in the right technology to help organisations achieve their goals, and in the individuals who will be delivering the important messages and content that people require.

Learning how to present more effectively

Mosaic has been offering presentation skills training for more than 20 years, working with politicians, business leaders, academics and people from across a range of sectors.

Delivered by former BBC journalists and newspaper reporters, our insightful training covers all bases, including:

  • Preparing for a face-to-face, online or hybrid meeting or event, including yourself, any guests, your content and your venue
  • Creating a structure for your session and understanding how best to use your visual aids, including PowerPoint
  • Learning how to interview people effectively and elicit the most interesting responses
  • Feeling confident using your chosen software for online meetings, whether Zoom, Teams or hybrid event software
  • Hosting a panel discussion and making the day run smoothly.

We look at examples of best practice – and some public performances where things haven’t gone so smoothly! Plus we include plenty of exercises with feedback, tailored to you and your sector.

Top tips to help hybrid meetings, events and panel discussions to run smoothly

#1. Choose the right facilitator or presenter for the event. Is that you? Be honest with yourself and ask if you have the knowledge and expertise that your audience are looking for – and the skills to deliver the information professionally. If not, you can always book a session for yourself or a group of your colleagues with one of Mosaic’s presentation skills trainers. You’ll feel so much more prepared and confident afterwards.

#2. Start with the end in mind. What do you want to achieve from your event? Would it be better to host it face-to-face? Is it easier and safer to host it online? Can you offer your audience the option of having hybrid event so they can choose? Whatever you choose will determine which approach you take to the materials that you create and the way you share that information.

#3. Find interesting people to interview. It’s always good to break up a session with different voices. It helps your audience stay engaged for longer. If, you choose to have a panel discussion, you need to find the right guests and might not need visual aids. Remember to include lots of storytelling. Your audience will always remember a good anecdote.

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