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Social Media for University Researchers

Grow engagement in your research and findings using the power of social media – find out how with our social media for university researchers training course.

Mosaic’s Social Media Training is designed specifically to help university researchers and academics generate interest in their work. Whether you’re looking for input to your project, develop your research network or promote your findings, our tips and tools will help you make the most of social media.

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Course overview

Our training

Mosaic’s tailored course for university researchers and academics will help you make the most of your social media activity.


Delegates will leave the training with: 

  • The ability to create and optimise social media profiles and pages
  • An understanding of the terminology and features of various platforms
  • Confidence to join groups and engage with networks
  • Confidence in posting
  • Inspiration from real examples of successful social media use in research
  • Ideas on creating impactful social media posts
  • Develop networks with stakeholders to position themselves as thought leaders

Training overview

This half day course is tailored to the needs of your university and your researchers or academics. The programme will help delegates promote their research and findings by making effective and efficient use of social media. The course is packed full of examples and walk-throughs to help delegates with any level of experience learn skills and techniques to improve their social media use.

Sample programme (half day) – tailored to your needs

  • Introduction to social media
  • Introduction to platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – as required)
    • How to set up an account and optimise your profile
    • Tour of each platform and their features
    • Language used
    • Writing a great post
    • Overview of different types of post (image, videos, links)
    • How to identify and connect with stakeholders
    • How to find relevant conversations
  • Demonstrating the power of social media (case study)
  • Content creation
    • Great examples
    • Planning your posts (before, during and after research)
  • Growing your audience
    • Finding hashtags and stakeholders
    • Engaging with stakeholders
    • What gets seen in people’s feeds and why
  • Monitoring posts, measurement and evaluation
  • Using groups
    • How to find groups
    • Setting up and managing a group
  • Best practice, and what not to do
Marketing your message

This training can be provided as:

  • Half day group training on your premises
  • Half day group training online, using Zoom or Teams

Who is this course suitable for?

  • University researchers
  • Academics
  • University communications teams
  • Research support teams

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  • Charlotte London

    The trainers were upbeat and engaging. They were helpful and knowledgeable, while also making it feel like it was OK to give it a try and learn how to improve!

  • Kate Belfast

    I found this training exceptionally helpful. I have been doing social media for five years now and I still got a lot from this course. The trainer was very friendly and approachable, the course wasn't too big which meant you got to ask questions more freely which was very helpful.

  • Chloe Cambridge

    Great facilitation, thorough and personable. Would thoroughly recommend this course.

  • Juliette Colchester

    Karen is a really good trainer. She really knows her stuff and is very clear and patient when delivering training.

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