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Smartphone & iPad Video Skills

Video on the web and social media is an increasingly essential PR tool with a wide range of applications, from staff training and customer relations to reputation and crisis management.

Mosaic’s “Five S’s to Super Smartphone Videoing Training”, led by a former BBC reporter, will show your delegates how to produce video that looks and sounds professional using just an smartphone or tablet and a few inexpensive accessories. No prior experience or knowledge is required. If you can use your phone you can produce quality video!

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Course overview


Research shows that video content on a website attracts a 40% higher click-through rate than plain text, and three times as many links.

With the enormous development of smartphone technology, now every organisation can access high quality video by simply using a smartphone.

Our video training will show you how to film, edit and upload great footage to bring your website or social media to life. Delegates will use their own smartphone or tablet and we’ll show you all the apps and techniques you need.


Delegates will learn

The Five S’s to Super Smartphone Videoing:

  • Setting up your phone for the best results
  • Scripting to focus on your message and your audience
  • Shooting your footage effectively
  • Software and techniques for editing
  • Saving and sharing to reach your audience

Training Overview

Mosaic’s “Five S” training programme will equip you with the skills and confidence to produce professional video clips, from setting up to scripting, shooting, using editing software and sharing on social media and the web.

Using your mobile phone or tablet you will gain hands on filming experience and will learn how to edit using the most suitable app for your device or software for your PC/laptop. You will gain an understanding of how video can be used to meet your organisation’s needs.

Sample Programme (tailored to your needs)


How video can benefit your organisation

Setting up your smartphone

Choosing the correct settings

Using your phone effectively


Identifying your audience(s) and key messages

Preparing your script

Videoing your script


  • Location
  • Subject:
    • Yourself and your guest’s appearance
    • Body language
    • Voice
    • Presentation skills
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Framing
  • Other factors:
    • Weather
    • Permissions

Example of a smartphone video

Smartphone & iPad Video Skills

This training can be provided as

  • Full-day group training on your business premises or in hired facilities – maximum 6 delegates (Larger group workshops can be catered for at an extra cost per delegate)
  • Virtual training for a full-day or two half-days – maximum 6 delegates

Who is this course suitable for?

Those on a low budget, who need to travel light or who need to generate video coverage against the clock.

  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing practitioners

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Meet our trainers


I’m amazed at how Mosaic’s trainers turned us from complete video production amateurs to being able to produce videos in the space of a few hours!

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  • Alex Cambridge

    All killer and no filler!

  • Anella Bangor

    Fantastic course, very informative without being complicated. Whether you are after a refresher or completely new to smartphone filming and editing. This course is for everyone.

  • Antonia London

    Ruth delivered a brilliant media interviewing skills workshop for young people. The training was informative, practical, and interactive – it has given young people the tools and confidence they needed to become brilliant interviewers.

  • Chloe Cambridge

    Great facilitation, thorough and personable. Would thoroughly recommend this course.

  • Hannah Cheshire

    Great team building exercise and very interesting, I like that we were encouraged to practice and try and produce something individual and then come together as a team to discuss.

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