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Podcasting has never been more popular. It offers a simple and effective method of getting messages across to thousands of people who visit company websites or dedicated podcasting sites.

Mosaic’s ‘5 Ps to the Perfect Podcast’ training course, created and led by the UK’s first podcast trainer Karen Ainley, will show you how podcasts work, how podcasts are made and why podcasting is important.

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Course overview


Learn the different stages, from Planning, including equipment, content and location; through People, covering interviewers, guests and audience; Production, exploring editing and recording; Posting, including podcast hosts and uploading; and Promoting, covering directories, marketing and monetising.

Learn from two former BBC Broadcasters how to handle and conduct interviews plus write and record scripts, as well as learn what equipment and software is required for recording and uploading audio.

This course is available as face to face training or as a facilitated online course via Zoom or Teams.


Delegates will learn: 

  • How to plan content for a podcast
  • How to record high quality audio
  • How to package and edit to create a professional podcast
  • How to post and promote a podcast
  • Practical skills to record your first episode

Training Overview

Mosaic’s ‘5 Ps to the Perfect Podcast’ course has been designed to give you a detailed understanding of all the processes required to create and promote a high-quality podcast.

We were the first UK trainers to offer podcast training and over the years we have taken our knowledge and expertise to create a series of interactive and fun modules which will give you plenty of top tips for developing and scripting your podcast.  Whether virtual or face to face, our training is very practical and hands on, with lots of exercises and you will also learn about the equipment and software you need for recording and uploading your podcasts.

Sample Programme (tailored to your needs)


  • What is podcasting?

Planning your podcast

  • Content and formats
  • Meeting your objectives
  • Choosing and using your equipment
  • Recording on location


  • How to do a good interview
  • How to connect with your audience
  • Scripting


  • Recording your audio
  • Editing with Audacity
  • EXERCISE: Record and edit your audio
  • Feedback
  • Adding music
  • Finalising and exporting your audio


  • Uploading your audio to a podcast host
  • Adding to your website


  • Using directories
  • Adding to social media
  • Other promotion tips
  • Launching your podcast


The podcast training course was a fantastic introduction to all things podcast! Not only did it introduce me to the relevant software and equipment needed to record, edit and publish a podcast, it also included vital tips on interview techniques and how to hook in the interest of your listeners. Myself and my colleagues have since launched our own podcast - Sounds of the Sanctuary - providing listeners with a tour of Redwings Horse Sanctuary and stories about our work and the rescued residents we care for.

Steph Callen, Communications Manager, Redwings Horse Sanctuary

This training can be provided as

  • Full-day group training on your business premises or in hired facilities – maximum 6 delegates
  • Half-day group training on your business premises or in hired facilities – maximum 3 delegates
  • Half-day 1-to-1 coaching on your premises (within London/East Anglia) or at our Essex venue
  • Virtual Training as a full day or two half-day sessions – maximum 6 delegates

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Press/marketing teams
  • Your in-house experts
  • Charities and influencers
  • Journalists
  • University professionals
  • Anyone wishing to record interviews for research or data purposes

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I thought the training overall was excellent, probably the best I've ever had for a one-day course

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  • Hannah Cheshire

    Great team building exercise and very interesting, I like that we were encouraged to practice and try and produce something individual and then come together as a team to discuss.

  • Chloe Cambridge

    Great facilitation, thorough and personable. Would thoroughly recommend this course.

  • Antonia London

    Ruth delivered a brilliant media interviewing skills workshop for young people. The training was informative, practical, and interactive – it has given young people the tools and confidence they needed to become brilliant interviewers.

  • Anella Bangor

    Fantastic course, very informative without being complicated. Whether you are after a refresher or completely new to smartphone filming and editing. This course is for everyone.

  • Alex Cambridge

    All killer and no filler!

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