Why you need media tests in job interviews

Today’s media landscape means your senior staff will often be under the spotlight. The way in which they respond to the media glare could greatly impact your organisation’s reputation. Mosaic works with companies and recruitment agencies who are looking to secure top management and senior leaders for Government and large organisations and we understand the importance of putting people through their paces – and subsequently providing media training, where required.

Should my nursery be on social media?

When the key people in your nursery are not old enough to even use social media, you may wonder why it is so important for you to have a presence on the likes of Facebook and Instagram? Our Social Media Training course will explain why and show you how. Nurseries are a community; therefore communication, collaboration and understanding are key. Social media allows for all three of these values to be upheld in a transparent environment, where the main objective and primary priority is the same for all!

Podcasting for the publishing sector

Podcast listeners have doubled over the last three years; 15.6million people are now avid listeners, according to Statista. From comedy to true crime, from philosophy to personal development, the number of podcasts are ever increasing, as is their fan base. So if you’re a publisher and not already podcasting, you might want to consider our 5Ps to the Perfect Podcast Training to give you all the skills you need.