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24 Nov 2016

The changing landscape of the media – remembering Freddie Mercury 25 years on

25 years ago today Freddie Mercury lost his battle with AIDS, Mosaic Media Trainer & Video Producer Darius Laws reflects. 

Like millions around the world I adore Queen - especially their earlier material. Queen stopped touring five years before Freddie’s death and whilst the band continued to make music Freddie’s deteriorating health is now understood to be the main reason for the touring to have stopped. Sadly in the 1991 single and video release of ‘These are the Days of our Lives” it was clear to see Freddie wasn’t well. 

I wasn't old enough to see the full band perform live, their last gig together being in 1986, and it is quite remarkable how the media landscape has changed since then.

Communications professionals and PR agencies were faxing press releases and developing 35mm photos - which would be posted to media outlets by snail mail. There was no Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. Channel 5 didn't exist nor did rolling 24-hour news channels and getting the ‘breaking news’ was only possible by grabbing a copy of 'tomorrow's news' if you were getting the last train or tube home.

It’s suggested that Freddie knew he was unwell for quite some time and those closest to him respected his wishes to protect the tragic reality from the public. In today’s 24/7 instant news culture where celebrities often broadcast direct to fans via social media it’s hard to imagine that such a secret could be kept for so long these days. 

HIV (Aids) awareness and treatment has rapidly advanced since 1991 and so too, thankfully, has society’s attitudes to homosexuality. Queen’s music lives on and for me the anniversary of Freddie’s death is an opportunity to raise a glass in honour of one of music’s greats!

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