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14 Sep 2015

Social media training for nurseries, schools and universities

Are you informed and fully confident with the various different social media discussion groups and channels? Would you know how to react and respond if something inappropriate or sinister was identified at your school ? Have you the confidence to encourage your pupils to avoid embarrassing Facebook posts or cyber bullying, which may come back to haunt them, especially in the world of work?

The ever-increasing role of the internet in our lives poses a massive communications opportunity but with that opportunity comes risks. Disgruntled Top Gear fans sent a shower of abuse in the direction of the BBC Producer at the centre of the Jeremy Clarkson sacking. More worryingly the Director General of the BBC, Lord Tony Hall, received a death threat – which the police took seriously and provided him with 24-hour protection. Thankfully the demise of Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson seems to have boiled over but it just shows the power of the internet and the ease by which internet ‘trolls’ can disseminate malicious and threatening attacks, in many cases anonymously.

The proliferation of mobile internet connected devices makes safeguarding children in the traditional sense of child protection even harder. Internet Service Providers offer software to safeguard minors from seeing unsuitable content but educational professionals also play a major role in the prevention and identification of unsavoury online behaviour.

Cyber bullying, identity theft, grooming and sexting are all areas which school teachers, educationalists and parents need to be aware of.

A member of staff of a school or college’s leadership team will to be tasked with the role of designated safeguarding lead, liaising closely with other services such as children’s social care. As well as the safeguarding of children there are other risk areas associated with the use of social media. This is why social media training for schools is critical to ensure staff are equipped with the very latest skills and knowledge to identify areas of concern and to take the appropriate action.

Online reputation management in schools can be overlooked but it’s important to keep abreast with what is being discussed over social media. Whilst the vast majority of parental discussions online will be social or involve organising events there might occasionally be something concerning a school being talked about in a critical or negative context. This might prove to be unhelpful for an institution or individual teacher’s reputation, which is why it’s important, you have guidance in place to react appropriately.

A Mosaic Social Media Course can be tailored to your organisation’s communications needs to ensure you take advantage of the opportunities in social media. For further information on social media training for nurseries, schools and universities call one of our experts on 01206 841933.

By Darius G Laws, Mosaic Publicity Producer & Digital Account Manager

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