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08 Apr 2015

Social media usage on the rise in local authorities

In 2012, 82% of councils saw the use of social media as a medium to high risk. By 2014, the figure almost halved to 43% showing a shift in attitudes towards embracing social media, according to BDO's Local Government Social Media survey 2014.

Mosaic's social media training course for local authorities has been developed with this in mind, ensuring that councillors and local government officers are fully prepared for both the opportunities and risks that social media brings.

Within the UK today, 100% of local authorities are on Twitter, 90% use Facebook and 83% have YouTube channels, according to the same survey. Embracing social media can lead to direct cost-savings, because less paper, postage, and administration is needed; also phone calls and front-of-house enquiries can be reduced.For example, over 60% of councils have reduced time spent on producing and distributing paper leaflets, there has been a 40% reduction in need to telephone customers, a 17% reduction in need to publish press releases, and a 30% reduction in face to face contact.

The survey also found that control of social media has shifted away from the communications' team and out to service delivery teams. This means the public have the opportunity to directly interact with the people responsible for delivering their services. Increasingly, individual councillors are embracing social media platforms too. Some might be reticent about having to adopt new skills and some might be fearful of social media; however it really is an exciting opportunity for you to increase engagement with your audience and better manage your key messages.

Mosaic's social media courses are tailored to your specific needs. For more information about our social media training, please call us on 01206 841933.

All statistics derived from business advisors BDO's Local Government Social Media survey 2014

About the author: Darius G Laws, Video Producer & Digital Account Manager

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