Oyster House, Suite 6, Severalls Lane, Colchester, Essex CO4 9PD.
Telephone: (01206) 841933 Email: training@mosaicpublicity.co.uk

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Mosaic Media Training

Suite 6, 2nd Floor, Oyster House,
Severalls Lane
Tel: (01206) 841933
Email: training@mosaicpublicity.co.uk


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25 years ago today Freddie Mercury lost his battle with AIDS, Mosaic Media Trainer & Video Producer Darius Laws reflects. 

Being sat in front of a TV camera for a media interview can be daunting for some, but others feel completely comfortable in the situation, for these politicians too comfortable...

Having the confidence to command a large audience or deliver a winning business pitch requires a very different set of skills to performing in front of an interrogative journalist and a live TV crew. Are you prepared?

With social media use growing, with no sign of slowing down, it’s really important for businesses that use the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to have a social media policy to protect the brand or business’s reputation.