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20 Jul 2016

Politicians getting caught out by the media

Being sat in front of a TV camera for a media interview can be daunting for some, but others feel completely comfortable in the situation, for these politicians too comfortable...

29 Jun 2016

Media training? I don’t need that!

Having the confidence to command a large audience or deliver a winning business pitch requires a very different set of skills to performing in front of an interrogative journalist and a live TV crew. Are you prepared?

22 Jun 2016

Why is a social media policy important?

With social media use growing, with no sign of slowing down, it’s really important for businesses that use the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to have a social media policy to protect the brand or business’s reputation.

23 Nov 2015

Crisis management for schools

No school wants to see any of their buildings burnt to the ground like Bishop's Stortford College in Hertfordshire back in September this year. Thankfully there was no loss of life or injury in this incident, but does your school have your crisis management plan in place should a serious issue occur?

14 Sep 2015

Social media training for nurseries, schools and universities

Are you informed and fully confident with the various different social media discussion groups and channels? Would you know how to react and respond if something inappropriate or sinister was identified at your school ? Have you the confidence to encourage your pupils to avoid embarrassing Facebook posts or cyber bullying, which may come back to haunt them, especially in the world of work?

29 Jul 2015

Video Training from Mosaic Publicity

The proliferation of superfast broadband speeds has ensured a surge in websites and channels hosting video content online. Producing video to engage with your audience or target market has never been easier, with brands and organisations using social media to broadcast direct.

13 Apr 2015

Five things to avoid on your organisation's social media

The majority of us use social media on a daily basis, whether for business or in our personal lives. It's important to remember that when you use social media you are promoting to the online world, of millions of people, how you want to be perceived. If used incorrectly you can cause real damage to your brand so here are our top five things to avoid on social media.

08 Apr 2015

Social media usage on the rise in local authorities

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way that communications' professionals proactively communicate and interact with target audiences. In the case of local authorities, an ever-increasing mobile and digital savvy customer-base is a great opportunity to have a two-way conversation.

13 Mar 2015

Social Media for councillors, local authorities and politicians

As well as consumer brands embracing social media, many local authorities and elected politicians have been getting in on the act. Even Members of Parliament who once claimed they didn't 'see the point' of Twitter and Facebook have since done a U-Turn in their views on such modern channels of communication. So for those local authorities and politicians who are only just dipping their toes in the water with social media, what exactly do we mean by social media and how best can they use it?

24 Feb 2015

Mosaic Media Training for Universities

Delivering lectures in front of large audiences can be a breeze compared to being interrogated by a journalist with a television or video camera present.  Being trained to communicate your ideas and research externally via the media is a totally different ball game. 

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